Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hair routine: Curly Girl Method

Hey ladies!

For years I've struggled with my curly hair.  For so long I hated it and would straighten my hair daily.  About a month ago I came across a book called "The Curly Girl Method" and it changed my life.  The whole book was dedicated to girls with curly hair and how to treat your curly hair.  After reading it and trying it out for a week I realized that I had to modify the method for my hair.  I have curly hair but the curly hair that they speak of in the book is ethnic curly hair, which is much more dense and has a tighter curl.  So after about 2 weeks I have perfected my own curly girl method and I would love to share it with you guys!

Firstly, here are the all the products that I use on my hair.  I'll go into detail about each of them later on.
Curl enhancing smoothie, Curl creme brule, Lavish curl moisturizer, Coconut curlada condintioner, Curl & Shine shampoo
Ok here we go! First step begins in the shower.  It is so important to use a shampoo that does NOT have any sulfates.  Sulfates are very damaging to your hair especially on curly hair.  The shampoo I choose to use is Shea Moisture's Curl & Shine Shampoo.  I bought mine at Target for $9.99.
This shampoo is going to add moisture back into your hair, which you need if your curls are dry.  Take about a quarter size and work it into your scalp.  As you lather bring it down into the rest of your hair.  Be gentle when your lathering your hair.  Give yourself a scalp massage, this will help not disturb your curls.  Rinse out all the shampoo.  Next step is conidtioner.  I've choosen to use Curls Coconut curlada.  I bought it at Target for $10.
Again, your going to take about a quarter size of product and work it all over your hair.  If you have longer hair you can always use more.  Massage your scalp and concentrate on your ends.  You can also use this time to detangle your hair with your hands.  Let the conditioner sit for about 5 minutes.  When your risning it out you don't have to wash all of it out, it's always good to leave a little in your hair to keep some moisture in.  Once you've washed the majority of the conditioner out your ready to wrap your hair up.  Don't ever use a towel on your hair.  A towel is much to harsh for curly hair.  Instead use an old tshirt or micro fiber towel.  Take the tshirt/towel and wrap your hair up.  Do not dry your hair with the tshirt/towel.  Next while your hair is still very damp your going to apply your first curling style product.  I use Shea Moisture's Curl enhancing smoothie.  I bought it at Target for $9.99.
Take half a palms worth of product and comb it through your hair.  This will evenly distribute the product to your curls and detangle your hair further.  I personally do not put this product at the root of my hair because it makes my scalp to greasy.  Next your going to take Curls Creme brule.  I bought it at Target for $10.99. 
With this product I use the same amount as the smoothie but I do apply it to my roots as well as the rest of my hair.  It's a lighter cream so I don't find that it leaves my roots greasy at all. After your done combing the product through your going to scrunch your hair all over including at the root.  Once all the produt is in you can either let your hair air dry or use a difusser to dry your air to 80%dry.  If you find that your hair is feeling a little dry you can add Curls Lavish curls moisturizer.
Its going to put back moisture if your hair lost some while you were blow drying it. And thats it! Now you have beautiful bouncy curls with NO frizz! Hope this helps out anyone with curly hair.  Learn to love your curly hair its a beautiful thing to have!


  1. thanks for sharing, i have naturally curly hair...good product recommendations. :)